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Contacts 2019-2020

Here you can find out who the current exec of the club are and a little about them. Feel free to get in contact with any of them regarding any questions you may have and they will be happy to help.

2019-20 Executive Committee:

President – Jack Crook

  Chemistry, 3rd Year

   Van Mildert College

   [email protected]

 Vice President – George Daly

  Engineering, 3rd Year PhD

  St Aidan’s College

  [email protected]

 Treasurer – Steven Parsonage

   Engineering, 3rd Year

   Josephine Butler College

 [email protected]

 Club Secretary – Matthew Sutton

   Chemistry, 2nd Year

   George Stephenson College

 [email protected]


 Race Captain – Theo Obholzer

   Anthropology, 2nd Year

   College of St Hild & St Bede

[email protected]

  Road Captains –

  Ben Turner

   Geography, 2nd Year

   Van Mildert College

   [email protected]

   & Toby Lewis (details to be added)

  MTB Captain – Oliva Boudette

   Geoscience, 3rd Year

   University College (Castle)

   [email protected]

  Social Secretaries –

  Cameron Wilson

  Chemistry? 2nd Year

  (details to be added)

  & Ben Turner

   Geography, 2nd Year

   Van Mildert College

   [email protected]

The details for each exec role & its responsibilities can be found here.

Alternatively please see our various Facebook pages and groups and post a question there:
Club page:
Main club group:
Mountain Biking group:
Women’s group:

Previous Execs:

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